Nutrient Trading DVD

Nutrient Trading, produced by WVIA Public Media in 2008, targets a broad audience, from the general home owner to municipal officials and the conservation community, to educate them about the types of pollution that impact our waters, and how the various tools including the Nutrient Trading program, streambank buffers, manure transport, and others can help.    

Pennsylvania has been blessed with over 80,000 miles of rivers and streams, yet many of these waterways are polluted. There are a variety of pollutants impacting our waters, some coming from targeted pollution sources, called point-source pollution, and others that are not so obvious, called non-point source pollutants. In order to improve the water quality of our streams we must tackle both. Unfortunately, that can become an expensive burden.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and many partners have joined together to find cost-effective solutions to some of these pollution problems. One of which is a unique program that allows farmers, waste water treatment facilities, developers, and other groups to reduce the amount of pollution entering our waterways while not incurring sky-rocketing upgrade costs. The program is called the Nutrient Trading Program, and farmers, municipalities, and conservation professionals are all interested in the many advantages and benefits of the program.

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Nutrient Trading DVD
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