Remembering The Scranton Sirens DVD/CD Pack

2012 Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy® award winner for Outstanding Documentary

Remembering The Scranton Sirens is a one-hour WVIA documentary film that celebrates the exceptional musical legacy of one of the most significant but unheraled "territory" dance bands in American musical history - The Scranton Sirens. During its existence, the Sirens reached a performance pinnacle by playing in the major dance emporiums in the United States. Within its east coast niche, the band commanded both huge crowds and the respect of the finest bandleaders of the dance-band era. Most importantly, the Sirens introduced iconic artists such as Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Russ Morgan and Bill Challis, whose early work with the Sirens presaged their international fame and profoundly influenced the Big Band era. The Scranton Sirens reputation reflected the vivacious mood of post-World War One America and the "work hard, play hard" spirit of the city from which the band took its name.


The CD includes the following selections from the film performed by Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks:
Common Street Blues 2:58
Fate 2:43
Why Should I Believe In You 3:13
Three O'clock In The Morning 2:33



Remembering The Scranton Sirens DVD/CD Pack
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