Ubaldo DVD

Ubaldo is a one hour documentary film about a cultural festival steeped in 800 years of tradition and Italian folklore. Known as "La Festa Dei Ceri" this event can only be found in two places in the world, Gubbio, Italy, and Jessup, Pennsylvania.

The main component of the festival is the "race" commemorating St. Ubaldo, one of the most well known saints in all of Europe. Ubaldo Baldassini, born in 1085, would become the beloved bishop of Gubbio, and save the town from a barbarian invasion led by the German king known as Barbarossa.

Upon Ubaldo's death in 1160 the town convened and the annual "race" has proceeded uninterrupted for 847 years. St. Anthony, and St. George, were also introduced into the ceremony, each saint representing the three major classes of people who lived in Gubbio in the 12th century.

In 1911 when Italians began emigrating to America, many from Gubbio settled in Jessup, Pennsylvania and began celebrating La Festa Dei Ceri in their new hometown.

In both cities the festival draws tens of thousands of visitors and takes over the entire community with decorative banners and flags that bear the colors and emblems of the three saints. The physical challenge of those carrying the statues bears honor passed from generation to generation Shot entirely on location in Gubbio and Jessup, the film captures the uniquely intimate bridge between two countries, two cultures and two communities.

Ubaldo was produced by WVIA Public Media


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Ubaldo DVD
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